ANNOUNCEMENT: For those of you interested in becoming a permanent member of AGS and wearing an official AGS Honor Society sash for next year’s graduation, please look to the AGS state-wide website for more information.

To join AGS, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out the membership packet below and bring it one of our bimonthly meetings that occur every other Tuesday from  2pm – 3pm in room SCI-116 (our first meeting is January 10th).

2. Along with your membership application, please be sure to bring a copy of your unofficial transcript that you can print from You must acquire a minimum of 3.0 accumulative GPA. If you don’t have it we encourage you still contribute to the club. However, you won’t be a full member.

3. After you’re membership application and unofficial transcript has been approved and verified please bring your membership dues to the next available meeting of $15 (Cash or Check; checks can be made payable to AGS Ventura College).

AGS Membership Packet

Click the link and choose ‘save’

Also, when turning in your membership packet, please be sure to include a signed copy of the Code of Conduct form.

AGS Code of Conduct

Please note that the membership packet includes a volunteer verification form at the end. For any volunteer service that is done on a regular basis we need a point of contact to confirm it.

Please note that you will not be an official member of AGS until the process above is followed. Therefore, any volunteer hours contributed before that said date will be inadmissible.

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